VW T3 Westfalia - show model 1987


It is time to sell my Westy :-(

Some History:

This car was a showing car of concern Volkswagen on exhibitions during year 1986 as a new model for upcoming year 1987. Then it has two owners, the third was me.

I bought it in 2005 from Mr. Mar.... and than I have started reconstruction in Czech republic.


Some highlights:

The car has never been crashed.
There is not anything unoriginal.
I have got all documents including contract, German papers etc...


All things on the car are working at the moment:

       -          2 batteries (2 years old)
          independent heating
          all gas equipments
          water pipe is working
          all other things are on those pages

 Enjoy browsing .... !

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Please contact me in English (my German is poor) by email:


The car is situated in Brno.
Regards, Michal Wesse